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Draceana you take me to tropi-ca-na-na

Installation - multi channel (x3) video projections, sound, plants, sand, hessian sand bags, 'Dracaena' (Dracaena Marginata Plant), other plants, beach towel found matter, found objects; 

(Dimensions variable)


Dracaena. You take me away and I love you for that. Sweet smell blue. Stowaway silica.

Yellow lello your white light is blissfully blinding. On the brow of utopia salty sweat drips and I am succumbed. Dracaena, don’t leave me.

“ On first encountering the work there is an almost desk structure which suggests that the space is half studio and half office but then I think it is a landscape, then a mind scape and then possibly the interior of a computer or data scape showing the communication… the viewer is immersed in the space through the projections and clever use of projections which cast shadows of the plants on the backdrop…there is a lovely connection between the music and the waves which creates an oppressive and claustrophobic space (as the) waves are following a cycle of ascent and climax as each wave disappears” 

(Marcus Verhagen, 2016, verbal critique of the exhibition: ‘Dracaena you take me away to Tropica-na-na’ 

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